Notes from the Bald Man: June 2019

For as long as I have been here, and a good bit before, we have looked forward to seeing Nevie work her magic on our monthly newsletter. If you are reading this, then I imagine you agree.

But as we are constantly trying to meet the needs of the region, one of our own needs that has stood out to us is our lack of a website that tells our story to folks who do not know us and that also acts as a place where our current community members can come and easily find what they need. This week, we start down the path of making a better, more user-friendly site that acts as a hub for all of us while at the same time also being a more inviting place for newcomers to come and see all that we do.

As part of that move to a centralized online meeting place, we are going to be doing away with the monthly newsletter. As many of you know, Denise has started to send out her monthly emails to each of you broken out by what you teach for us. We find that for some of you, that is enough. You get what you need to know without reading about other programs that you are not involved with, but we also know that there are some of you who love what Nevie does--the way she so beautifully creates a monthly snapshot of what LCMC did that month. For you, I would advise you to come check out the new site:

This is a new site and a new opportunity to engage with us. We want your feedback on how to make the site even better than it is.  

Our hope is that we will have a more active blog that will have content every week. We would love to invite some of you to write for the blog--pieces about your experience or a best practice you learned and how it is working out for you and your student.  Soon, we will have a calendar of our upcoming events in real time to keep you up to date, and, of course, we would love to have some students contributing when possible.

My hope is that the site becomes an extension of our push to build community, and I hope you will think the same. 

As for Nevie, please know she will still be involved with making the site wonderful, but this year, she will be shifting over to help us think through how to get more funders to support the work we do, so we can do more for more of our folks in the county who need the help.

So please congratulate her, and please come on to the site and tell us what you would love to see. I look forward to hearing from you, and I look forward to the next year at LCMC.

My Best,

gabe, aka, the Bald Man  

gabriel martinez