Classroom Students

If you’re currently enrolled in an ESL class, recently completed a class, or have taken a placement test for an upcoming class, and have questions or concerns for the ESL Classroom program team, please contact Rishan Habte at or (301) 610-0030.


GED Students

If you’re currently participating in our GED program and have questions or concerns, please contact Darrell Farley at or (301) 610-0030.

Tutoring students

If you have been paired with a tutor, whether for ESL or basic literacy, or have taken a placement test and are waiting to be paired with a tutor, please contact Ruth Seidenspinner at or (301) 610-0030 with any questions or concerns. (Please note that we are always working to match students who have tested with a tutor; if you have tested recently and have no changes to your availability or interest in getting a tutor, Ruth will contact you when we have a tutor available for you.)


Other Programs

If you are a student in any of our other programs, whether Workforce Development, Computer Skills/Digital Literacy, or have taken or are signed up for a workshop, and have questions or concerns, please contact Denise Hill at or (301) 456-0441.